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1 on 1 Health Coaching

These are personal sessions with me as your wellness coach. Together we will evaluate your current state of health, create realistic goals, and learn practical tools that will help you change unhealthy behavior patterns and ways of thinking for long term success.

15 min consultationFree
Initial consult$75
3 session bundle$125
5 session bundle$175
*Ask about group pricing*

Creative Writing Workshops

These workshops are designed to challenge your inner creative. Focused on poetry and other styles of creative writing we will review what creative writing is and how to effectively channel your thoughts so that they effortlessly flow onto paper. Half day (4 hr) and full day (two 4 hr) workshops are available for those who want a more in depth discussion of their work.

15 min consultationFree
1 hr$100
2 hr$175
Half day$325
Full day$450
*Prices are based on 5 person groups*

Holistic Wellness Workshops

A judgement free space dedicated to educating each other on all aspects of well being. Focused on cultivating wellness in areas of mind, body, spirit, finances, and environment, I will help you discover areas of improvement as well as praise your areas of strength. Together in this group setting you will find support from others no matter where you are on your healing journey.

15 min consultationFree
1 hr$125
2 hr$225
Half day$400
Full day$650
*Prices are based on 5 person groups*

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously”

-Sophia Bush

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